Man vs Wild

No zombies, dinosaurs nor post apocalyptic environments.
Real life struggle to remain alive in the wild is tough enough.

Energy preservation

Every step you take and every action you peform costs Energy, you can only replenish by ingesting food. If you run out of Energy, you run out of luck.

Setup traps to catch wild animals, fish fresh fish, or harvest and replant plants.

Cook fat or eat worms if you have to.


Your body spends water to function, and also to sweat, the only mechanism to cool the body off. Water is life. They say it for a reason.

Find fresh water, refill water containers, collect rain water, or produce it from air humidity or salt water.

Body temperature

High temperatures and dry air increase water loss, while low temperatures can cause sickness or even the body to shut down. Adapt or be left behind.

Shelter from cold or intense sun. Wear clothes to protect from rain, sun or to warm up. Relocate if suited by season.


A true model of nature

Planet rotation

Earth tilt, spin and rotation simulation defines sun altitude, allowing for a great diversity of survival locations by latitude.

Survive near Equator for a permanent summer, or close to the Pole to survive nights that last an entire season.

Weather cycle

From water evaporation to cloud formation, thunderstorms, hail, atmospheric pressure differences, dried rivers or snow.

The robust Weather cycle simulator recreates true, ever changing climatic conditions to put yur instincts to test.


Fishes and small land animals grow and reproduce. Animals can get pregnant, overpopulate or get extint.

Sustainable survival is key for yourself, the environment, and yourself again.


Photosynthesis, water absorption, fertilization, hibernation. Plants react to sun and soil humidity as you would expect.

Plant, care and harvest fruits for a slower paced, safer, long term survival.


Fire burns fuel, based on fuel quantity, wind speed and humidity. Fire increases ambient temperature of small caves.

Fire and heat behaves realistically to make concious choices based on real life behaviors.

Body temperature

Temperature asimilation and air dissipation rate based on air humidity, wind speed and temperature.

The body will Shiver or Sweat to regulate it's temperature, and keep the skin moist if hot dry air rips it away.


From Nature

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