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What is a Package?

A Package is a folder with .package extension that can contain Scripts, Assets, Items, Simunits and a Custom Scenario.

Packages are the streamlined way to build and distribute Mods for Unveil. If you want to install a mod, it is a Package what you want to install.

Where to find Packages

Given Unveil runs on RPG Maker, using Steam Workshop is not a possibility, although we are still getting help from other talented developers to sort this issue out.

On the meantime, or regardless, we are encouraging users to publish them with link at the Unveil Modding & Packages Steam forum.

How to install Packages

First, locate the installation folder of Unveil, by following these steps:

  1. Open up Steam, and locate Unveil.
  2. Right click Unveil, and select Properties
  3. Select the Local Files tab, at the top.
  4. Click on Browse local files...

In this Explorer window, open the Packages folder.

Now, to install a Package you have downloaded, follow these steps:

  1. Uncompress the Package if it is currently a ZIP, TAR.GZ or other kind of compressed file. On most modern operating systems, you can simply double click it to do so.
  2. From the uncompressed files, locate the folder that has a .package extension. In example: my_awesome_mod.package
  3. Move that folder inside the Packages folder inside Unveil, you found earlier.
  4. If Unveil is currently running, quit the game and start it again.
This is how .package folders look. Notice the extension at the end, and how they are located inside the Packages folder.

That is all! Please note that some Packages which add new Simulation Units or various code-level features, will make your savegames dependant on these packages.
Removing those packages will require you to start new savegame, as existing ones will be corrupted.

Uninstalling a Package

To uninstall a Package that only comes with a Custom Scenario, deleting the .package folder (or removing the .package extension from the folder name) should do the trick.

If it's a game-altering Package (adds items, simunits, mechanics, etc...) you may need to read the Uninstallation information of the mod, wherever you downloaded it from.
Removing a Package that adds Simulation Units or code-level features, will lead to corrupted savefiles for all saves that were started or continued while this mod was installed.

How to mod Unveil

Unveil offers very streamlined and organized means to mod it and share such modification with fellow players.

To get started, head over the Modding Wiki page, which contains extensive documentation for most things you'll think of doing. Videos available too.


This is a short quick list of useful Packages you may download if you are thinking of getting into modding:

Not sure where to put these folders? Check the How to Install section.

Looking for user made content?
The official spot for Modders to post their creations is at the Unveil Modding & Packages Steam forum.