Sometimes heavy storms may form, resulting in thunderstorms that take trees down, or hail which can inflict damage that may need to be taken care of with bandages or aloe vera.
Fruits can be planted, fertilized and watered for those looking for a farming experience. Plants absorb water available exactly below them and, by performing photosynthesis from photons received from sun (or other light source) they can grow and put out edible fruits with different characteristics.
Water containers such as Coconuts, Pouchy Fruits or self-crafted Wooden Bowls can be used to collect water from rain, water deposits on rock, or other sources. Some of them can be used as transport for long journeys.
Snow can be collected with containers and melted by simple sun or heat exposure, or even faster, by cooking it at a campfire. Lakes and waterfalls get frozen, which means new paths are opened.
Find a place to camp for a while, as you collect more resources and set up widgets to collect water or trap animals. Drop items on the ground to explore farther away, before you decide to pack up what you need, and move to the next location before local resources run out.
Sweat and rain exposure make the surface of your skin wet, allowing better heat dissipation (if climate allows), reducing body temperature. Shelters, bathing and wearing coats can help regulate heat gain & loss.
Leafy and Fur coats, hats and scarfs. Various ways to deal with either cold temperatures, sun, rain or wind exposure.
If you stay cold for too long, your immune system will lower guard, making you sick. While in this state, hydration and energy drop faster, narrowing your chances of survival. Make wellness soups to recover faster while next to a cozy campfire.
Some locations may require thinking vertically. Climbing up smaller cliffs, or dropping a climbing vine to rappel down; opening a new path to go back through.
All four seasons, simulated. The sun position relative to earth rotation and your latitude are used for a true recreation of seasons, rendering some locations with crude winter and summer states, others in eternal summer or winter, while others having the full array of seasons every year.
Survive from the pole to the equator. A great diversity of locations allow you to recreate various survival situations to put yourself to test.
Pick a bait, and fish away! There are various kinds of fishes, some can be used as bait for bigger ones. Find hidden fishing spots with bigger fish to use your strongest rods with, and fish a meal that will feed you for days.
Set up a trap with bait for a wild creature to fall in. It's less time consuming than fishing, although you can easily exterminate the local population if you trap too many, too soon, or don't free little or pregnant ones. Using an animal feeder will instead make a better ecosystem for creatures to reproduce more.