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Customer support

If you are experiencing troubles running Unveil,
or would like to report a bug,
please contact us at:



Unveil is the scientific approach to Survival. It recreates nature to allow the player experiment with the various ways to stay alive.

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Press contact

For any press, streaming or content creation inquiries,
please contact us at:

Unveil Game Box

Unveil Press Kit

The package includes the following:

  • Unveil and Particle studios logotypes in multiple colors
  • Unveil fictional game box art: face and 3D
  • Screenshots and promotional Artworks

Download Unveil Press Kit (7 MB), April 15th, 2016

Streaming support

Quick tips for optimal recording of Unveil

Permissions on content you share

From recorded videos to streaming.

Technical Frequently Asked Questions

Black Screen while playing — Nvidia users

One kind of black screen issue is bound to forcing Anti-Alias or VSync for Unveil or all games.

If this is the case, it is most likely you can play Unveil by pressing F5 until you get the lowest resolution possible. Stretching renders the screen black due to Anti-Aliasing which is being forced.

To solve this, please:

Black Screen while playing — Turning off Steam Overlay

This seems to affect non Nvidia users, so far we know of Intel HD Graphics having these issues.

To turn Steam Overlay off, please:

Problems rendering, Frozen screens and Memory or other random, constant crashes

If you have massive levels of bugs, this is an engine issue with your system configuration. The game may work fine on other computer you may have around.

First, try the following:

If that doesn't fix it, you may be that unfortunate minority on which the engine Unveil was built on (RPG Maker and MKXP) does not work properly.

Unfortunately we can't reproduce the issue, and even if we could, we can't fix the engine. We made the game, not the engine, and can't provide support on it's behalf.

If you can't play the game in your system, please ask for a refund on Steam. We don't want you to waste your money. We may release a testing tool sometime down the line for you to test if any new system you may have can run Unveil before purchasing it again.

We are really sorry about this. Thank you for your time and understanding.